Auto Insurance

Did you know that the information you give to your insurance agent can drastically effect the way your coverage should be written, and in some cases could even have an impact on whether you have coverage in the event of an accident.

For instance, did you know that if your vehicle is ever used to transport people or goods for a fee a typical auto insurance policy may not cover your vehicle? This means if you are a delivery driver, or even drive occasionally for Uber or Lyft or some such service, a claim may be denied for your auto policy.

At Garner Insurance we understand that you are not insurance experts. That’s where we come in. Insurance reviews with your agent can actually save you time and headaches at the time of a claim.

Do people who are not listed on your auto policy drive your car? Coverage for a non-listed driver on a personal auto policy seems to be ever changing. Again, open communication with your agent is vital for ensuring that you are covered at the time of loss.

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